Mike’s Simple £5 Acca’s Have Made £7,827 Profit So Far This Season

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How would you like to finally start winning your weekend and mid week football bets?

Wouldn't it be easier to just copy a proven winner and pocket the profits?

Now you can.

My name it Mike Shelton and for the last few years I've been making steady profits placing simple yet effective acca's not just on the weekend but mid-week and not just Premier League but all English leagues and even European matches.

I make roughly £7k - £10k per year from these bets. This is from £5 and £10 stakes. You could make more if you wanted to increase the stakes.

£20 stakes would mean an extra £30k+ per season.

£50 stakes would mean a massive £70k+ profit so far this season.

I send the bets direct to your email or mobile. Recent selections like these...

£5 Into £37.80

£10 Into £81.42

£5 Double Into £51

These are just some recent winning bets too.

My selections range from doubles upto 6 folds.

We have multiple acca's each weekend and also when there's mid week action.

Now we don't win all the bets, we have plenty of loses and near misses. Anyone who claims they don't lose or that they win 80%+ or even 7/10 bets is lying.

The cold hard truth is that most tipsters lose more bets than they win.

It's impossible to win 9/10 bets or even 7/10 bets in football.

if you place 10 bets... You're good if you win 2 or 3. Excellent if you win 4

You'll have lots of near misses.

Here's a recent near miss...

My selections aren't just the usual £5 into £7.50 bets anyone can pick.

When we win we multiply the stake many times over. This means that we don't need to win 7/10 or even 6/10 bets to be highly profitable.

If we on average multiply our stake by x10 then anything over 1/10 will put us in profit.

We regularly mutiply our bets by upto 30x and we also have an average win ratio of 36%.

The important thing is having a solid staking plan.

This can be a fixed staking plan like I use and keep it consistent.

Or you can have a bank and stake 5% and as it increases this results in larger stakes.

Either of these strategies work with my selections.

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